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James Lloyd

The day that my daughter was born changed my life forever. I tell her all the time "as soon as you came into the world and you struggled to open your eyes, our eyes met and I immediately felt like I had known you my whole life!"  It was on that day that I truly understood the power of legacy and the drive to compel future generations to become better than the one before it.  I'm thankful that my wife, daughter and son are part of the Lloyd Law Office team!  

That's what I love about estate planning, and that is my ultimate goal. I want to help families and business owners secure their family legacy, which includes the financial aspects of success, but also includes the stories, traditions, and values that have accumulated within the family over the course of several generations.

The thing that I love most about helping people with real estate transactions is that I get to be a part of their "home".  The Home is a symbol of family.  Its where we raise our kids, weather the storms, grieve the loss of loved ones, create memories and build wealth.  I'm here to guide you through the process.  

I  witnessed the slow decline of the health of my mother and step-father.  They were too stubborn to plan for the unthinkable onset of Alzheimers` and long term care.  When they became a danger to themselves after crashing cars, falling at home and forgetting to take diabetes medicine, they wound up in a hospital and then rehabilitation.  We knew that we had to step in to help them.  We were fortunate to work with an Elder Law Attorney to plan for long term care although we were too late to prevent the devastating consequences of having to liquidate nearly all of their assets to spend down all that they had before they could receive Medicaid assistance.  When they passed within months of each other, there was little remaining and it all needed to be turned over to the government.  I have seen the devastating effects of a failure to plan. This has led me to greater levels of empathy and compassion for the clients that I am privileged to serve.  I am committed to helping families avoid the mistakes of failing to plan.  

I decided to attend law school after serving in the United States Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm.  It was a defining period of my life.  When the dust had settled and I returned home in August of 1991, I knew that I wanted to help people and make an impact in the lives of others.   I worked my way through college at Montclair State in New Jersey, got married and worked my way through Tulane University School of Law in New Orleans, LA.  My wife Lynda and I welcomed our first of five children during my second year of law school.  

I started my legal career as a maritime attorney working with a dynamic law firm in Philadelphia and being trained in litigation before launching my own firm in August 2001.  Another defining moment happened the following month with the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11.  Living in the northern NJ suburbs of NYC, we could see the smoke and feel the pain of so many who lost loved ones.  

As my family grew, so did my legal practice.  Likewise, so did my calling to impact the lives of others and I followed that call into Christian ministry with Young Life working with adolescents in middle school, high school and college.  My service in ministry has helped to shape my approach to assisting legal clients. 

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